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To our dear and valued customers and friends,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that my father Bill Goree died yesterday morning, peacefully in his home. Family and doctors were all amazed how quickly the illness took him.

Bill Goree, Lauren Keaton

You are invited to a Celebration of the Life of Bill Goree
to be held at
Mayflower Presbyterian Church, Pacific Grove,
on Sunday, July 29, at 4 p.m.
with a reception to follow at the Goree family home, 549 Hillcrest

In retrospect I would like to have shared news of his illness sooner. However, my father wanted to keep it to our family and hope for a miraculous recovery. He must have felt his rapid decline when he asked me to send my message Friday. He was a brave man and fought a hard battle with cancer.

Since 1978 Bill Goree had been designing and producing superconducting rock magnetometers for your research. It had been his great pleasure and life's achievement to provide these to the geophysics and paleomagnetic community.

In the last couple of years Bill had designed a new system that works without liquid helium. This new design has revolutionized our equipment. We have been through a long process of redesigning and testing to determine the right procedure for the manufacturing of this new system. We have now successfully installed ten of these and are producing ten more at this time. We feel very confident in the design of our system and our ability to continue to produce and service these magnetometers for the community for many years to come.

This news will change the way that our business works in very few ways. We will focus our efforts on building our standard systems as listed on our WSGI web site. We will continue to install and service all of the magnetometers we have built.

I have been business manager of William S. Goree, Inc. now for 10 years and will continue to run this company along with our technicians David Schuler, Daniel Keaton, and Charlie Hamper. Together we have been managing all of the day to day aspects of this business for quite some time now. We will greatly miss the guidance of my father, but feel confident in our abilities to continue to provide the community with state of the art equipment.


Lauren A. Keaton
July 23, 2007

Subject: The Passing of Bill Goree

Dear 2G friends and customers:

With the death of our good friend and partner Bill Goree, we extend our sympathies to his family and all who admired and loved this wonderful man. It is the passing of an era with his death and we will certainly miss his intelligence, creativity, integrity, friendship and good sense of humor.

Bill was very proud of 2G Enterprises and William S. Goree Inc. and he worked hard to build his organization so that it could carry on in his absence. His quick passing after the cancer diagnosis was very unfortunate, but Bill had been working with the other members of his crew for many years so that they could learn the techniques and processes of building rock magnetometer systems. As we move forward, this preparation will enable them to continue to build the rock magnetometer systems cryogenics with the same care, skill and capabilities as in the past. We at Applied Physics Systems will continue to manufacture the electronics for the 2G systems and will oversee the assembly, testing, installation and customer training for these systems. We plan to deliver all 2G orders we have received per our customer agreements and will accept orders for new systems. We will also continue to support the operations of the over 100 rock magnetometer systems delivered by 2G Enterprises over the past 25 years.

We appreciate your concerns and look forward to continuing working with you in the future.

Best regards,

Bill and Bob Goodman
2G Enterprises
Applied Physics Systems
Mountain View, CA