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History of 2G Enterprises

2G Enterprises was formed as a marketing agreement between Bill Goree and Bill Goodman in October, 1981. From the beginning our objective has been to focus our efforts on very high performance superconducting systems for magnetic measurements. 2G received contracts to build the first two systems of our radical new design from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1981 (Prof. Mike Fuller), and from the California Institute of Technology in 1982 (Prof. Joe Kirschvink).

Our initial design goal was a helium hold time of 180 days and a magnetic moment sensitivity of 5X10-8 emu for a 7.6 cm access Superconducting Rock Magnetometer (SRM) system. Both goals were a substantial improvement over any other SRM system.

After much effort and redesign, we have achieved a loss rate of about a factor of six better than the goal and a noise level about fifteen to one better than the goal, i.e. 1,000 days between helium refills and 10-9 emu (10-12 Am2) total magnetic moment noise level.